Owner Occupied Retail Development - Georgetown, CO

$1,310,000 loan arranged by PlattPointe Capital.

GEORGETOWN, CO - PlattPointe Capital arranged one of it’s most fun loans, a $1.31MM ground-up construction loan for a new brewery in Georgetown, CO. A much needed eating and drinking establishment that will be a handy stop for skiers, hikers and bikers on their way up and down the I-70 corridor. The developer and general contractor have vast experience in the brewing and restaurant business, as well as constructing projects in Georgetown and other mountain towns. Please give them a visit early this winter.

About PlattPointe Capital:
PlattPointe Capital LLC is a boutique commercial real estate capital advisory firm that helps developers and investors navigate the capital markets by arranging optimal alternative debt and equity options for a client’s project. Our vision is to engineer the most efficient capital stack based on the constraints of a given project and sponsor’s needs.

More information can be found at www.plattpointe.com.

More information can be found at www.plattpointe.com.
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