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PlattPointe Capital is a boutique commercial real estate capital advisory firm based in Denver, CO providing debt and equity placement services to clients nationwide. Our team works with property investors, owners and developers to alleviate the pain points that come with navigating the capital markets and capitalizing a project. Our relationships with capital providers across the spectrum of private funds, family offices and institutions ensure your projects is afforded the benefit of analyzing numerous capital structuring options. 

The goal of each assignment is to engineer the most efficient capital stack based on the constraints of a given project and sponsor's needs. Over time, we seek to develop long-term, programmatic relationships with clients, acting almost as an internal finance department.







Concrete Building

We pride ourselves in overcoming hurdles and complex  requirements by sourcing optimal financial solutions.


A world-class database consisting of hedge funds, private equity firms, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, private funds, portfolio banks and high net worth individuals that is built on the constructs of strong direct relationships with capital providers. We constantly add to our network as new funds are established and capital is earmarked for certain product types and preferences. 


Execution: Funded a $20MM bridge loan in 7 days and a $8.5MM cash-out bridge deal in 9 days

Pioneering: Participated in capitalizing the first C-PACE loan and Opportunity Zone deal closed in Colorado

Trusted: Preferred note sales brokerage of a $1B real estate mortgage fund


Compensation for our efforts comes only if we successfully execute in getting you funding. We take our assignments extremely seriously.

White Walls

What Makes Us Different?

"We become a trusted partner with our involvement from day one as the project is being conceived, through acquisition, development and stabilization."

-Creighton Bildstein, Principal

While others seek to lock you up on fully exclusive basis and walk you in to local banks you already, our differentiator is working side by side with our client as a resource, guiding them through the complex capital markets world. Being "in the trenches" every day affords us the knowledge of what's being offered, how far we can push terms, rates and other loan negotiable attributes. Our knowledge and know how is a true value-add accretive to your deal and generates savings and efficiencies that far surpass the cost of doing business. Working with an advisory team with a strong reputation and expertise is important, feel free to check our references. We become a trusted partner with our involvement from day one as the project is being conceived, through acquisition, development and stabilization

Why Clients Choose PlattPointe Capital: 

Reason #1: To do projects you otherwise couldn't using a traditional lender.

and Other Reasons....

No Prepayment Penalties
High Leverage...Less Equity
Leaner Loan Covenants
Limited Sponsor Experience
Distressed or Vacant Asset
Leaner Loan Covenants
Limited or Non-Cash Flowing
Limited Sponsor Experience
Asset-Based Loans
Poor Credit or Weak Financials
Partner Restructuring
Condo Inventory
Sponsor with Past Bankruptcy
Cash Out
Build Spec with No Pre-Sales
Minimal Liquidity Requirements
Build Spec with Pre-Leasing
No Bank Account Requirements
Access to Banks with an Entrepreneurial Bent
Resolve Trouble Loans
Distressed or Vacant Asset
Note Acquisition Financing
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