Equity and structured finance solutions tailored to meet the needs of commercial real estate property owners and developers.

Mezz & Preferred Equity


Investment Size



$2,000,000 and above

Starting at 10% 

Property Types

Loan Purpose


Loan to Value (LTV)


Interest Payments

Joint Venture Equity


Investment Size

Property Types

Underwritten to



For businesses actively acquiring and developing commercial properties, access to quick capital is often a necessity in order to close a transaction. PlattPointe specializes in helping their clients navigate the industry for subordinate debt solutions that make sense on a deal by deal basis.

PlattPointe can help businesses seeking longer term, stabilized debt solutions for commercial property acquisition, redevelopment or refinance. A commercial mortgage is primarily secured by liens on the property and evaluated based on factors such as the property's appraised value, the borrower's financials, creditworthiness and ability to service the debt payments.


Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, SFR, Special Use

Acquisition, Refinance, Redevelopment, Cash Out

Up to 85% LTC (Last Dollar) / 65% LTV

2 to 3 years with extension options

Full or Non-Recourse options 

Typically a blend of current pay (interest reserve) and accrual 

Up to 90% of Equity

Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Hospitality, Single Family and Attached Residential Development

2-5 years

18% + IRR

$3mm and up

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