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Specializing in Commercial Real Estate Debt & Equity Placement


PlattPointe Capital is a boutique commercial real estate capital advisory firm based in Denver, CO providing debt and equity placement services to clients nationwide. Our team works with property investors, owners and developers to alleviate the pain points that come with navigating the capital markets and capitalizing a project. The goal of each assignment is to engineer the most efficient capital stack based on the constraints of a given project and sponsor's needs.



About us
Core Services

Our relationships with best-in-class commercial real estate lenders across the spectrum of private funds, portfolio banks, family offices, insurance companies and CMBS providers is the core competency of our business. Daily conversations with these groups provide us with superior market knowledge and keep us up to date on the latest lender preferences as appetite shifts with changes in the market. We are constantly growing and renewing our lender database when a new lender steps into the space or fresh capital is earmarked for the launch of new lending products.

Often the most challenging portion of the commercial real estate capital stack, PlattPointe Capital has solutions for your project's equity needs. Investors in Preferred Equity, LP and Co-GP equity seek programmatic repeat Sponsors with strong pipelines and projects. Our ability to solve to the missing gap equity requirement and derive creative structures to fill that gap sets us apart. 

From SBA loans and sale-leasebacks to non-real estate oriented private debt for working capital lines of credit and invoice factoring, we have the solutions you need to stabilize and grow your business interests.

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PlattPointe Capital

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Matthew J. Biegner, Principal


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