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The Value of Customer Service

At the conception of your company, you're tasked with answering one of the most important questions for your future - who do I hire?

Your employees are your most important product. They're an extension of your brand, a showcase of your company's culture and character, and most importantly, your strongest base of resources.

No matter how good your product is; no matter how revolutionary your services may seem - the only thing that truly matters is the perception of the transaction from the customer's perspective. Positive reviews are easy money. Negative reviews are closing signs and fire sales. Word of mouth is a priceless medium of marketing, and if you can't hire people who help your image, your numbers will reflect that.

In addition, exceptional customer service redefines the meaning of brand loyalty - even if that comes in the shape of disruption. Take Zappos for example. Tony Hsieh formed a company that many deemed impossible. The online shoe market had a giant problem - how is it possible to redefine consumer behavior in a way that skips the whole "trying on" thing?

He found the answer in customer service. By offering an exceptional return policy, and employing customer interaction gurus, Hsieh did what no one else could. He created a company whose value proposition was rooted in the way it helped its customers, and in turn, opened up an entire new market for e-commerce. All because people understood that if they didn't like what they got in the mail, the team at Zappos would make sure it was fixed.

Never rush the hiring process, and make sure your employees see the value in what they're doing. They're your greatest asset as a business owner, and often double as the most subtle.

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